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Why Buy From Us?

Buy Fast Easy Grow Trees and Shrubs Online For Less From The Tree Farm! We are a Licensed Nursery and have a wide variety of Trees and Shrubs.  All plants come with Easy Step by Step PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS. Buy Larger and Lower Cost Trees From Our Online Nursery and receive FREE plants with every order! We Guarantee Healthy Delivery and Warranty every plant we sell up to (1) year of delivery!

Here at The Tree Farm & Nursery we offer a variety of different plants. The time is RIGHT NOW! Reserve Trees and Shrubs For the next dormant planting season. DONT MISS OUT!

Evergreens =  We have Cedar (Red and White), Canadian Hemlock , Dawn Redwood, Sequoia, Larch (European, American and Japanese), Spruce (Blue, White, Engelmann, Norway, Sitka, Serbian and Black Hill), Pine (White, Red, Scotch, Austrian, Foxtail, Corsican Black, Himalayan White, Jack Japanese White, Japanese Black, Japanese Red, Korean, Lodgepole, Macedonia, Pitch, Loblolly and Ponderosa), Fir ( Fraser , Balsam, Grand, Noble, Shasta Red, Nordmann, Canaan and Douglas seedlings) and Arborvitae.


Hardwoods = Oak Tree (Bur, White, Black, Swamp White, Scarlet, Pin, Red, Sawtooth and English), Beech,  Catalpa, Japanese Maple Tree (Red and Green), Crimson King , Maple Tree (Trident, Paperbark, Red Sunset, Deborah, Red, Variegated, Silver, Green Mountain and Sugar Maple), Arahaga, Three Flower. Golden chain tree,  Big Tooth Aspen, Alder, Paper Birch (Paper, River, Monarch, Jacquemontii, Weeping, Crimson Frost and Japanese), Mountain Ash, Linden, Locust, Sweet Gum, Black Gum, Dogwood , Cottonwood , Cherry, Chestnut, Walnut (Black and White),lilac, Katsura, Willow, Ginkgo, Tuliptree, Crabapple, Ash, Aspen, Hawthorn, Elm, Sycamore ..and many other varieties!


Fruit = Apple, Apricot, Berry Plants, Cherry, Chokeberry, Grapes, Peach, Pear, Plum, Persimmon, Serviceberry


 All of our nursery stock is sprayed, sheared and inspected by the Wisconsin and Michigan Departments of Agriculture.